Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yahoo does not deserve it's name!

Yahoo does not deserve it's name today. It deserves a big BOO! Definitely not Yahoo! I am a scrapbooker and I have a lot of "stuff" like most scrapbookers. Sometimes I end up with wayyyy too much stuff and being in Yakima, WA with 4 seasons, I can't just have a yard sale any old time. So, I have joined a few scrapbookers groups where I can pif and snag my unused items, because you know one woman's unused scrapbooking supplies are another woman's treasure!

What is a pif? It means Pay It Forward. I list the items that I no longer use or need, and then I get a point for each item I list. Once I have accumulated a few points, I get to SNAG, which means that I get to choose someone else's items that I do want or need. This is a wonderful way to try something new or get more of your favorite embellishments, papers and adhesives! This weekend in particular is really special, not only is it the first weekend of Spring, but it is also a piffing party! All weekend the members of the group PST can list and snag as many items as they want (usually there is a limit of10 items). I snagged a Quick Kutz machine, which quickly and easily cuts out the shape of the template you put in it. I also snagged some BLING, my favorite embellishment and some ATG gun tape! I'm getting rid of several premade layouts, paper piecings, tombow refills and other things I'm not using. I have found several items that I still want to snag, but I can't. Yahoo won't let me. Yahoo has been crazy, off and on all day. Most of the items I've piffed and snagged were done last night. Today, I've been negotiating pifs and snags via email, but I can't get onto the PST database to see if I have enough points to get everything I desire. It's been VERY frustrating!

During the pif party, we are playing BINGO, and there are several scrapbook sketches that have been shown, for us to use as a guide to make our own layouts. We can get prizes for making the most layouts from the 21 samples given to us. Unfortunately, I haven't made ONE layout! My scrap room is downstairs and I'm upstairs with my laptop, desperately going from screen to screen, trying to get into my group and do more piffing and snagging! If I was feeling better (I have a sore foot and allergies are making me feel exhausted) I would take the computer downstairs and check it in between my layouts, but I just don't feel good enough to go downstairs. So, it has been a very unproductive and frustrating day!

I'll be posting my finished layouts as I finish them, once I feel a little better, and once I can pif and snag to my hearts content again. Wherever YOU are, you may hear me scream YAHOO!! once it starts to work consistently again. Until then, they should be called YaBOO!