Sunday, July 25, 2010

ABC of Techniques P is for Penny Roll

Penny Roll

two pennies
one small round pop dot
word opening punch (long oval)
foam mounting tape

Directions:1.) Design your layout
2.) Cut. stamp. create the layout
3.) Sketch a line (straight or wavy) where you want your image to roll
examples: a butterfly over a row of flowers
a single snowflake amidst a flurry of snowflakes
a surfer or boat across the ocean
a bird or kite across the sky
4.) Cut the area you want the image to roll through: it should be about 1/4" wide
**the word opening punch (long oval)is the perfect width
**a wavy opening is really fun to see, but a bit more difficult to cut out, a sharp exacto knife does the trick
**if you are making several pages of the same image, you should make one and then use it as a pattern for the rest of your pages
5.) Stamp two of the same images that you want to roll through your design
6.) Cut the images out
7.) Place one of the cut images face down on your desk
8.) Glue a penny to the back of the image
9.) Place a small round pop dot in the center of that penny
10.) Glue the other penny to the backside of the second image you cut out
11.) Let the glue holding the pennies dry for a few minutes
12.) Remove the backing from the pop dot already adhered to the back of one penny
13.) Place the second image onto that pop dot...penny side down, image facing up
****you should have a pop dot sandwich: image/penny/pop dot/penny/image
(at least one of the images should have the image facing out, so that the image can be seen)
14.) Put the penny sandwich into the opening you created earlier
****one penny should be behind the paper, the pop dot should be in the middle and the other penny should be on the front side of the paper - image facing up
15.) Turn your paper over and put foam tape around the perimeter
16.) Place another piece of cardstock behind your creation (the foam tape will keep the two pieces of cardstock from touching and allow your penny image to roll easily)
17.) Tilt your page left and right and watch your image spin as it rolls back and forth