Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greeting Farm Card Winner(s)

Thanks so much to my followers who posted a comment to my Greeting Farm card posts. I got four comments! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment on it, so I am going to send a card to each of you! The winner of all three cards is Chris P. Way to go Chris!! Her name was drawn randomly by my daughter, Brittney. Please email me with your addresses (ssauve7@aol.com) so that I can mail your card out to you! I will send you the card that you wrote about in your comment. If you prefer a different card, please let me know in your email! Thanks again for participating in my blog. Check back soon for another chance to win! Have a wonderful day!

ABC of techniques - P is for Paper Roses

Today you get a real treat...I am posting two techniques this Tuesday! I just posted how to emboss paprclips, so if you missed that, scroll down and check it out. This post is how to create a paper rose. I thought this would be very difficult, because roses are so intricate, but they are actually very easy to make and they look beautiful!

Piece of paper (cardstock or patterned paper will work)
Small scalloped decorative scissors
Paper cutter
Toothpick or Paperclip

1.) Cut your paper into a square. I made my first rose out of a 4x4 square. It made about an inch wide and tall rose. Make your square smaller or bigger, depending on the size you want to make.
2.) Draw a circle onto your square. Try to keep the circle as close to the original size paper as you can.
3.) Draw a spiral inside your circle, keeping about 1/8" between each line of the spiral. Take the spiral all the way into the center of your paper.

4.) Using your small scalloped scissors, begin on the outside of your circle and cut around the circle and continue cutting around the lines of your spiral, until you reach the center.

5.) Take the outside edge of your spiral circle and wind it around the end of a toothpick (I couldn't find a toothpick, so I straightened a paperclip and it worked just fine). Continue to wrap your spiral around the toothpick (or paperclip) until you reach the end of your paper.

6.) Put a dab of glue at the bottom of your rose and attach the end of your paper to the bottom with the glue.

7.) Decorate your rose if you want to. You can spritz it with smooches, or dab stickles around the edges and spread it around the edges with your finger. Get creative and have fun!

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like this technique and/or to share any other tips or techniques you may have! Thanks for stopping by and have a scrappy day!

ABC of Techniques --E is for embossing

Tuesday is the day I will try to post a new technique, each week. I am making an ABC of techniques book, so I will also feature a letter each week. This week I am working on E for embossing, and I will show you how to emboss paperclips. Try it out, and see how you like it.

Materials to emboss paperclips:
versamark ink
embossing powder
embossing gun or blow dryer
wax paper

1.) "Wet" your paperclip with versamark ink, I did each side of the paperclip

2.) Cover your paperclip with embossing powder

3.) Place the powdered paperclip onto the wax paper and heat it up with your embossing gun (or blow dryer) until the powder melts. Use the tweezers to pick up the paperclip and turn it over, then heat it up again.
Repeat two or three times until you achieve the desired effect. Then you can take it a step further and add a cute embellishment to your paperclip! This is a great way to create embellishments to match your layouts! Happy Scrapping! Be sure to come back next week to see another technique! Please leave me a comment, so I know how you liked this technique and /or to provide me with any tips you might have about this or any other technique.