Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC of scrapbooking techniques

I absolutely love ABC books. I love to read them, write them, collect them and scrapbook them. They are fun to create and absolutely fantastic to share! I have made an ABC book for dad, mom, Christmas, the beach, being a close to my heart consultant, and a general ABC book that has a variety of things for each letter of the alphabet.

As a scrapbooker, and a consultant for Close To My Heart, I am constantly looking for new technique to use on cards and layouts. I like to use some techniques over and over and as I'm getting older, my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be. Each time I was pregnant, I became quite forgetful (no, I'm not pregnant again - 5 is enough) and I blamed it on the growing baby inside me. It seemed that the baby sucked my memory right out of me along with other nutrients.

I started jotting down techniques so that I would remember them. I figured that some people might have the same memory loss that I do, and that others, even with great memories, might just want to learn some new techniques. So I've decided to add them to my blog! I am trying to do these techniques in alphabetical order, but I may check back frequently to see what is new! I look forward to sharing these with you, and I hope you enjoy trying them out! Keep scrapping my friends!

Jacob's Ladder Book

Jacob's Ladder Book
by: Shellie Sauve
3 pieces 12 x 12 patterned paper
2 pieces 12x12 cardstock
**2 pieces 12x12 chipboard (or 12 4x4 coasters) each piece should be the same thickness
3 pieces 4 foot long riboon (these can be the same or different ribbon, but should be the same weight and width)
stamps, ink pads, metal rims, additional ribbon, buttons....
Required Tools:
Trimmer, scissors, wet glue and super strong dry adhesive like red super tape, pencil, corner rounder, sandpaper or distresser

If you are not using 4x4 coasters, then cut your chipboard into 12 4x4 squares.
**If you do not have coasters or chipboard, you can cut up a cereal box or
use the cover from a spiral notebook
Use a corner rounder to round each corner
On the front side of 6 squares, draw 3 lines:
Two lines should be drawn lengthwise down at 3/4" from each edge
The third line should be in the center 2"
You should now have 6 squares with lines on the front and 6 squares without any lines
Cut 2 pieces of patterned paper into 4 x 12 strips.
(Set 2 of the 4x12 strips aside for embellishment later)
Cut the remaining 4 x 12 strips into 4x4 squares and round the corners.
Adhere the papers to one side of the chipboard squares (NOT on the sides with lines)
If you want to make a pattern, adhere one patterned paper style onto the 6 coasters with lines (do NOT put the paper over the lines, glue the paper to the other side)
Use a different patterned paper to glue onto the other 6 coasters (one side only)
Trim and sand the edges if needed

To Create the Ladder:
Take one square with lines on one side and place it face down, with the lines horizontal
Apply adhesive along the lines, going all the way to the edge.
Line up one end of the ribbon with the edge of the coaster -
Middle ribbon runs right to left
Top and bottom ribbons run left to right
Press them tightly into the adhesive so they are firmly attached
Take another coaster without lines, apply adhesive all around the edges and into the center (onto the unpapered side) adhere it to the first coaster, wrong sides together
**(you should have a patterned paper facing up at you now)
Lift each ribbon and run it across the coaster, to the opposite side
Take another coaster with lines, apply adhesive along the lines and place that coaster, paper side down on top of the ribbons
Pull the ribbons underneath so they are taught and make sure they are not twisted.
Bring the ribbons across the coaster to the opposite side, pressing into the adhesive
Apply adhesive to the wrong side of an unlined square, and put the wrong sides together
Repeat the steps above until you get to the last square and cut the excess ribbons off at the end. You should end up with a patterned paper square facing you to complete the book.
IMPORTANT!!! When adding photos or photo mats to the pages of this book, make sure that ALL OF THE ELEMENTS ARE UNDERNEATH the ribbons, otherwise the ladder will not work.

C is for Chalk Popping

C is for chalk Popping

versamark ink
cotton swabs


1. Ink up your stamp with versamark ink

2. Stamp it onto your cardstock (it will be a little difficult to see because the ink is so clear)

3. Color the stamped image with different colors of chalk
*the result is a soft, subtle pastel image, great for flowers or butterflies

B is for Bubble Wrap

B is for Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap (large or small bubbles work)
ink pad
embellishments for desired effect (water or beehive, or some other background)

1. Lay your bubblewrap with the bubbles facing upwards

2. Use your desired ink pad and rub it all over the bubble wrap, rub or pat the ink pad to ensure coverage of all the bubbles

3. Lay down a piece of cardstock and then lay the inked side of the bubblewrap face side down onto the cardstock

4. Carefully pat and rub the bubblewrap to transfer the ink from the wrap to the cardstock

5. Remove the bubblewrap (it is ok if every bubble did not transfer perfectly, it adds more texture to the project)

6. If you are using this technique on several pieces of cardstock you may reink the bubbles and reuse the same sheet
*if you are not reusing the bubblewrap at this time or if you want to use it for another color, rinse it off with water and pat it dry
*** this technique makes great water, grass and beehives....see what else you can use it for possibilities are endless