Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I may not have been able to talk to you recently, but that does not mean that you have not been in my thoughts or prayers.
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Please take a minute and enjoy this Christmas card, as I have enjoyed your friendship...may God continue to bless you and your family today and always. Holiday Hugs, Shellie

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another gift idea....

Here is a wonderful idea that I scraplifted from Jessica Spragues blog! I used a drink carrier from Burger King, and another one from a wine cooler holder (not shown).

I chose pop themes because the recipients love these particular soft drinks! The one shown on Jessica's blog was made with polka dotted paper and would go with any favorite beverage!

I measured the height and width of the base and then cut my paper accordingly. I attached it with glue sticks. Then I laid it on it's side and traced the shape of each of the sides, cut my paper and glued that down. I used ribbon and stickles and sticker letters to embellish this fun gift! I'm filling one side with a 2liter bottle and the other side with a movie and some microwave popcorn. You could fill both sides with drinks, or anything else you think the recipient will enjoy! Easy and adorable! Oh, on one side of the Mountain Dew one, I handcut each little mountain and colored it to look 3-D. On the other side I cut out the logo from a drinking cup that I got at Taco Bell. I also taped the bottom inside and the bottom outside for more stability! Easy peasy! Enjoy and thanks for visiting my website! Have a scrappy day!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Holiday House Gift Bag

Oh what fun a cricut is! Last night I made these adorable gift bags/or decoration! Here are the directions, if you would like to make one yourself....

Supplies needed:
paper bag
liquid applique
cardstock: red, blue, brown, black, green
heat gun
scalloped scissors
prisma glitter
hole punch
Cricut cartridges:
Jubilee Celebration (mailbox)
Wild Card (window and door)
Plantin Schoolbook (grass)

*Cut brown paper for the roof 5 1/2 x 6" and trim the bottom with scalloped scissors
*Use your cricut to make the following cuts:
Jubilee Celebration -- 2 mailboxes, one brown and one black 2 1/2" tall
**Cut the top off of the black mailbox and glue it over the brown mailbox
Wild Card - **1 blue window 4 1/2"; put clear tape onto the back of the window
and then sprinkle prisma glitter on top of it
**one red door 3"
Plantin Schoolbook - 1 green grass 1 1/2"
*Glue the red door 1" up from the bottom right hand side of the paper bag
*Glue the blue window 1 1/2" from the left side of the paper bag and a little
above and to the left of the red door
*Fold the roof over, leaving about 1" overhang, on the scalloped edge
*Fold the top of the paper bag back (opposite of the decorated side) down 3" and put the roof over this folded edge, so that the creases are on top of each other
*Punch two holes about 1 1/2" apart and 1 1/2" down from the top fold

***embellish with liquid applique and prisma glitter (for snow) and let it dry overnight
***Use your heat gun to make the liquid applique puff up
***Embellish some more with stickers, stickles and/or anything else that you desird
****Put your gift inside, refold the roof back down and tie it closed with a bow

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Check out my Creative Creations....

Here is a video I've compiled of my scrapbooking creations and cards. If you are looking for something to give that hard to buy for person, think about getting them something I've made. I can almost guarantee that they do not have something I've made...yet! Feel free to contact me if you see something you would like to get for yourself or someone else! Thanks for looking! Happy Holidays

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Desktop Calendar 2010

A friend asked me to make her some 2010 calendars. Looking through my stuff, I found some spiral stand-up photo albums that had 12 pages! Perfect! I found a 2010 daily planner that had a tiny calendar for each month. I copied it onto my printer and then enlarged it 200%, then cut out each month. I made up 12 different 4 x 6 pages to insert into each sleeve, using the calendars I printed. Finally, I unscrewed the spiral ring holding it together and removed the cover. I decorated the cover, re punched new holes and then screwed the spiral ring back onto the calendar, holding all of the pages together. I really liked how they turned out. Easy project that allows lots of room for creativity! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pinkalicious Plaques

Another friend of mine, has two little girls. One of them loves pink as much as I do. I offered to make her a name plaque to put in her room. I called it Pinkalicous! Her other daughter wanted a clock with puppies on it. I started decorating the pink plaque, and then realized that I put the wrong name on it! It was too cute and I couldn't bear thinking of taking it apart, so I left it and made another one with the right name on it. I made the puppy clock a little later. The papers I used in both projects were from DCWV. The pink one was from a kitchen collection and the puppy one was from the dog collection. I used stickles to add some extra bling to each project. I absolutely love stickles. I've made a special box to hold all of my stickles and on the inside of the lid I have a sample of each color of stickle I have. Now I need to make an inventory sheet, so I know which ones I need to buy! I seem to use pink, black diamond and icicle the most. I also love Sakura glaze pens! They give the illusion of embossing, without the effort! I usually use the black and clear glaze pens the most. What is your favorite embellishment?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Altered Clock

I love to change my decorations with each season or holiday. I enjoy altering clocks to go along with my decor. A friend of mine asked me to make her a Rooster Clock. I had plenty of clocks, but I was stumped as to what to do for the Rooster. My parents recently sold the house I grew up in (sniff-sniff) to my dismay. They bought a new house that they absolutely love. I'm happy for them (sigh). The kitchen had a rooster decor when they bought the house. We went over there on Halloween, and I took some pictures of their wallpaper and framed pictures. I came home and printed them out on my printer, but they color was way off and the pics didn't look right. I consider myself an artist, and took about an hour to color and detail one of the photos. It turned out pretty good! I wanted to copy my new "art," but my printer was out of ink! The colors must have been low, that's why the pictures were so off in the coloring. I carefully cut out the rooster and the grass he stood in, and mounted him on top of a checkered tablecloth paper I had. I really liked how it turned out. When I get some time, I will remake the other poor copies of the rooster that I made. Enjoy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Altered Tins

I absolutely love to recycle something old and turn it into something new and fun. I have taken old spice racks, painted them, added some BLING, and used them to store stickles or mini ribbon rounds.

Many moons ago, my son came home from Kindergarten and was just dying to get a Pikachu Pokemon card. That started an elaborate collection at our house. We had to "Catch Them All!" I learned the names of the pokemon and their evolutions, we have boxes of cards in English and Japanese. We've collected books, magnets, Burger King Toys, games, watches. We have had the Pokemon craze for a long time. I really enjoyed playing Pokemon with them too. As my son grew, so did his thirst for another game, so we learned how to play Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and World of Warcraft trading card games. We would spend a Saturday afternoon at the mall, or at Ron's to play in tournaments and we even travelled to Seattle to play in tournaments. Pokemon is still my favorite though. Now he and his brothers are into the online game of World of Warcraft. They spend hours a day playing online. They now have land parties in the basement. Their friends come over and bring their computers. We link up all the computers downstairs and they just play and play. I sure miss playing pokemon, I'm afraid to start WOW online. It is too easy to become addicted. This past weekend they were taking on another WOW team online and I kinda felt left out, I wanted to play too, but I don't know how...yet....

So, what does that have to do with scrapbooking? EVERYTHING! Of course I've painted Pokemon on their bedroom walls, scrapped their Pokemon parties, collected tons of Pokemon cards, decorated a giant jar to "catch" all their pokemon toys, and altered tins to hold their precious decks. I'm on a few scrapbooking groups online, and have found some other scrappers with kids into Pokemon. This last week I worked on making tins for their kids. I hope that they enjoy this activity with their kids as much as I have.

Supplies: Red, white and black paper; Black and yellow stickles; a tin (I prefer round ones, shaped like the poke balls); paper cutter; modge podge and foam brush; round punches 1" and 1 3/4"; red, black and white ribbon (optional); pokemon stickers (optional); black alphabets (optional)

1) Lay your tin on top of a red or white piece of paper. I line it up halfway up the front of the tin and then fold it up (so I can cut 2 at once). Repeat for the other color. Cut them out.
2) Cut 1" strips of black paper (one for each side of the tin)
3) Punch out 2 different sized circles from white paper. Layer the white circles on top of each other.
4) Lay the red semi-circle on the top of the front of the tin and glue into place. Repeat on the back side of the tin.
5) Lay the white semi-circle on the bottom of the front of the tin and glue into place. Repeat on the back of the tin.
6) Lay the black 1" strip across the seam, joining the red and white semi-cirlces. Glue into place. Repeat on the back of the tin.
7) Lay the layered circles in the middle of the black strip and glue down. Repeat on the back of the tin.
8) Measure the width of the tin, and cut more black paper in that width. Glue around the outside of the tin. If you are using a tin with a latch, before gluing, gently press the paper around the handles, to make yourself a cutting guide, so that the paper will go around the handles easily.
9) Use ribbon, stickles, stickers, and/or alphabet letters to embellish your tin.
10) Fill it with Pokemon toys or cards, to give to a pokemon fan!

Monday, October 05, 2009

It's a Studio Splurge Special! From CTMH

This October 1-31, 2009, when you join Close To My Heart as a new Consultant and successfully complete both levels in the Straight to the Top (STTT) program per policy, you will receive 10 FREE Studio J™ scrapbook layouts!


When you join Close To My Heart on my Clearly the Most Creative Scrapbook Team you will receive, as a special perk from Me, an acrylics organizer kit!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cute Flip Flop Mini Album

Last year, I went to the Quick Quotes convention at Grand Mounds Washington, at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was incredible, and exhausting. They had several sample books displayed, to entice you to buy more products. I fell in love with 2 projects. One was an altered canvas, which I made up for my husband for Christmas. The other was a mini album made out of a pair of flip flops. I have been buying flip flops on clearance after holidays, with the intention of making this adorable album. Currently Quick Quotes has their mini album on clearance for $10. I just signed up for their next convention at Grand Mounds, which is only a few weeks away. I am SO EXCITED! My family is too, while I scrap, they get to go on magical adventures, enjoy the indoor swimming pool, wave pool and slides. They can also play arcade games to their hearts content, because one entire floor is dedicated to arcades! Well, when I signed up for the convention, I also bought a flip flop book. Last night I made up this really cute book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I'll be making more soon, now that I've made one I have to make's just a weird habit, I can never make just one of anything.

Supplies: one pair of flip flops
brads, ribbon, flowers, chipboard, strong wet glue (I love Beacon's 3 in 1, which you can buy at the Quick Quotes webstore, or at JoAnn Fabrics).

1. Cut out the flip flops in one continuous piece (6 flip flops in all)
2. Cut out 6 flip flops out of patterned paper (I used 2 different papers, so I cut out 3 of each pattern)
3. Add brads, pictures, vellum and other embellishments to each paper flip flop
4. Fold the chipboard flip flops...pages 1 and 2 in a valley, pages 3 and 4 in a hill, pages 5 and 6 in a valley
5. Fold up the chipboard, so that it makes one flip flop
6. I glued ribbon along the inside of the continuous chipboard flip flops, to add a little decoration when the book is opened up
7. Glue each paper flip flop onto the continuous chipboard flip flops
8. Glue the back of the first chipboard flip flop onto the back of the real flip flop
9. I removed the plastic from the top of the second real flip flop, so it would lie flat
10. Glue the back of the last chipboard flip flop onto the front of the second real flip flop
11. Cut and glue one more patterned piece of paper onto the bottom of the last flip flop
12. Fold up the flip flops and share with your friends!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Check out this scrapbook room...

To dream the seemingly impossible dream! Oh, scrapbooking is expensive enough! I would love to buy all matching furniture and accessories to keep it all neat and organized! I get several of my acrylic stamp holders at the Dollar Tree, and my
12x12 papers are kept in giant boxes or file boxes depending on how much paper I have. I do like to organize my paper by company and then by color. It is neat and organized, just not in matching boxes.

How do you organize your papers?

Time Management

Finding an extra ten, twenty, or even thirty-minutes of scrapping time in your day may seem impossible.

Here are a few ideas to help you use little tidbits of time throughout your day ---

• Keep a small notebook and a pen in your purse or pocket to make notes and capture ideas before they get away.

• Browse an idea book while waiting to pick up the children from school, defrosting dinner in the microwave, or waiting at the doctor’s office. Make notes in your notebook as ideas come.

• Flip through magazines in the grocery checkout line to study basic design concepts and colors that you can work into your layouts. Quickly sketch out layout ideas that you like and think you might use for future scrapbook pages.

• Practice your lettering on a scratch piece of paper as you help your children with homework or as you talk on the phone.

• Practice your lettering as you write a thank-you notes.

• As you listen to radio or watch TV listen for interesting phrases, poems or sayings that could be used as layout titles. Take note of catchy phrases from your favorite television programs, or in social settings (grocery store, office, gym...).

• Match your photos to your patterned paper, trim your mats, or complete your journaling while you watch TV or a movie.

• Take scrapbook magazines or information books and Post-it Notes™ with you to appointments or on a trip. Tag pages or articles that have ideas you’d like to use for references in future scrapping. If you don’t like to save old magazines, remove those pages and store them in a binder.

• While waiting for a download or for something to print out on your computer, finish your journaling, write a poem, or order the scrapbook supplies you need online.

• Make a list of scrapbooking tasks you want to complete. Note the approximate time needed to finish them. When extra minutes come your way, look at your list, pick one you can complete or make substantial progress on and get to work.

Managing time is a challenge for each of us. When we prioritize, organize, and maximize our time, we can include scrapbooking in our lives in ways that are rewarding, productive and enjoyable.

Just a tiny little minute,

only sixty seconds in it.

Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.

Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.

But it’s up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it.

Give account if I abuse it.

Just a tiny little minute,

but eternity is in it.


Time to Organize my space...

It is so easy to dream up big exciting projects to make, or get that desire to use a new embellishment on a layout, but I can't always start what I want to do when I get that urge, because I can't find something I need, or a clean space to work. I used to be soo organized, but then I had 5 kids and keeping everything clean just wasn't my top priority anymore.

So, amidst my abc project, I am also going to work on cleaning up and organizing my scrap area. This is going to be extra challenging because my "REAL SCRAP ROOM" is downstairs, and I am stuck upstairs with a broken foot. Or maybe not, after my 9th surgery 3 weeks ago, I hope it is finally healing...again. Unfortunately, I can't go downstairs for another 6-9 weeks, so I will work on what I have had my kids bring upstairs for me to work with and lay a foundation that should make things easier for me to use when I can go back downstairs to my REAL SCRAP ROOM!

I started to get organized before my surgery, and I labeled a lot of my stuff, so that I could send the kids downstairs to easily find something for me, if I needed it. So I will be able to share some pictures with you of my attempt to clean sweep my scrapbook room...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Check Out the Ties that Bind Book...

Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC of scrapbooking techniques

I absolutely love ABC books. I love to read them, write them, collect them and scrapbook them. They are fun to create and absolutely fantastic to share! I have made an ABC book for dad, mom, Christmas, the beach, being a close to my heart consultant, and a general ABC book that has a variety of things for each letter of the alphabet.

As a scrapbooker, and a consultant for Close To My Heart, I am constantly looking for new technique to use on cards and layouts. I like to use some techniques over and over and as I'm getting older, my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be. Each time I was pregnant, I became quite forgetful (no, I'm not pregnant again - 5 is enough) and I blamed it on the growing baby inside me. It seemed that the baby sucked my memory right out of me along with other nutrients.

I started jotting down techniques so that I would remember them. I figured that some people might have the same memory loss that I do, and that others, even with great memories, might just want to learn some new techniques. So I've decided to add them to my blog! I am trying to do these techniques in alphabetical order, but I may check back frequently to see what is new! I look forward to sharing these with you, and I hope you enjoy trying them out! Keep scrapping my friends!

Jacob's Ladder Book

Jacob's Ladder Book
by: Shellie Sauve
3 pieces 12 x 12 patterned paper
2 pieces 12x12 cardstock
**2 pieces 12x12 chipboard (or 12 4x4 coasters) each piece should be the same thickness
3 pieces 4 foot long riboon (these can be the same or different ribbon, but should be the same weight and width)
stamps, ink pads, metal rims, additional ribbon, buttons....
Required Tools:
Trimmer, scissors, wet glue and super strong dry adhesive like red super tape, pencil, corner rounder, sandpaper or distresser

If you are not using 4x4 coasters, then cut your chipboard into 12 4x4 squares.
**If you do not have coasters or chipboard, you can cut up a cereal box or
use the cover from a spiral notebook
Use a corner rounder to round each corner
On the front side of 6 squares, draw 3 lines:
Two lines should be drawn lengthwise down at 3/4" from each edge
The third line should be in the center 2"
You should now have 6 squares with lines on the front and 6 squares without any lines
Cut 2 pieces of patterned paper into 4 x 12 strips.
(Set 2 of the 4x12 strips aside for embellishment later)
Cut the remaining 4 x 12 strips into 4x4 squares and round the corners.
Adhere the papers to one side of the chipboard squares (NOT on the sides with lines)
If you want to make a pattern, adhere one patterned paper style onto the 6 coasters with lines (do NOT put the paper over the lines, glue the paper to the other side)
Use a different patterned paper to glue onto the other 6 coasters (one side only)
Trim and sand the edges if needed

To Create the Ladder:
Take one square with lines on one side and place it face down, with the lines horizontal
Apply adhesive along the lines, going all the way to the edge.
Line up one end of the ribbon with the edge of the coaster -
Middle ribbon runs right to left
Top and bottom ribbons run left to right
Press them tightly into the adhesive so they are firmly attached
Take another coaster without lines, apply adhesive all around the edges and into the center (onto the unpapered side) adhere it to the first coaster, wrong sides together
**(you should have a patterned paper facing up at you now)
Lift each ribbon and run it across the coaster, to the opposite side
Take another coaster with lines, apply adhesive along the lines and place that coaster, paper side down on top of the ribbons
Pull the ribbons underneath so they are taught and make sure they are not twisted.
Bring the ribbons across the coaster to the opposite side, pressing into the adhesive
Apply adhesive to the wrong side of an unlined square, and put the wrong sides together
Repeat the steps above until you get to the last square and cut the excess ribbons off at the end. You should end up with a patterned paper square facing you to complete the book.
IMPORTANT!!! When adding photos or photo mats to the pages of this book, make sure that ALL OF THE ELEMENTS ARE UNDERNEATH the ribbons, otherwise the ladder will not work.

C is for Chalk Popping

C is for chalk Popping

versamark ink
cotton swabs


1. Ink up your stamp with versamark ink

2. Stamp it onto your cardstock (it will be a little difficult to see because the ink is so clear)

3. Color the stamped image with different colors of chalk
*the result is a soft, subtle pastel image, great for flowers or butterflies