Monday, July 27, 2009

B is for Bubble Wrap

B is for Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap (large or small bubbles work)
ink pad
embellishments for desired effect (water or beehive, or some other background)

1. Lay your bubblewrap with the bubbles facing upwards

2. Use your desired ink pad and rub it all over the bubble wrap, rub or pat the ink pad to ensure coverage of all the bubbles

3. Lay down a piece of cardstock and then lay the inked side of the bubblewrap face side down onto the cardstock

4. Carefully pat and rub the bubblewrap to transfer the ink from the wrap to the cardstock

5. Remove the bubblewrap (it is ok if every bubble did not transfer perfectly, it adds more texture to the project)

6. If you are using this technique on several pieces of cardstock you may reink the bubbles and reuse the same sheet
*if you are not reusing the bubblewrap at this time or if you want to use it for another color, rinse it off with water and pat it dry
*** this technique makes great water, grass and beehives....see what else you can use it for possibilities are endless

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