Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cute Flip Flop Mini Album

Last year, I went to the Quick Quotes convention at Grand Mounds Washington, at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was incredible, and exhausting. They had several sample books displayed, to entice you to buy more products. I fell in love with 2 projects. One was an altered canvas, which I made up for my husband for Christmas. The other was a mini album made out of a pair of flip flops. I have been buying flip flops on clearance after holidays, with the intention of making this adorable album. Currently Quick Quotes has their mini album on clearance for $10. I just signed up for their next convention at Grand Mounds, which is only a few weeks away. I am SO EXCITED! My family is too, while I scrap, they get to go on magical adventures, enjoy the indoor swimming pool, wave pool and slides. They can also play arcade games to their hearts content, because one entire floor is dedicated to arcades! Well, when I signed up for the convention, I also bought a flip flop book. Last night I made up this really cute book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I'll be making more soon, now that I've made one I have to make's just a weird habit, I can never make just one of anything.

Supplies: one pair of flip flops
brads, ribbon, flowers, chipboard, strong wet glue (I love Beacon's 3 in 1, which you can buy at the Quick Quotes webstore, or at JoAnn Fabrics).

1. Cut out the flip flops in one continuous piece (6 flip flops in all)
2. Cut out 6 flip flops out of patterned paper (I used 2 different papers, so I cut out 3 of each pattern)
3. Add brads, pictures, vellum and other embellishments to each paper flip flop
4. Fold the chipboard flip flops...pages 1 and 2 in a valley, pages 3 and 4 in a hill, pages 5 and 6 in a valley
5. Fold up the chipboard, so that it makes one flip flop
6. I glued ribbon along the inside of the continuous chipboard flip flops, to add a little decoration when the book is opened up
7. Glue each paper flip flop onto the continuous chipboard flip flops
8. Glue the back of the first chipboard flip flop onto the back of the real flip flop
9. I removed the plastic from the top of the second real flip flop, so it would lie flat
10. Glue the back of the last chipboard flip flop onto the front of the second real flip flop
11. Cut and glue one more patterned piece of paper onto the bottom of the last flip flop
12. Fold up the flip flops and share with your friends!

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