Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time to Organize my space...

It is so easy to dream up big exciting projects to make, or get that desire to use a new embellishment on a layout, but I can't always start what I want to do when I get that urge, because I can't find something I need, or a clean space to work. I used to be soo organized, but then I had 5 kids and keeping everything clean just wasn't my top priority anymore.

So, amidst my abc project, I am also going to work on cleaning up and organizing my scrap area. This is going to be extra challenging because my "REAL SCRAP ROOM" is downstairs, and I am stuck upstairs with a broken foot. Or maybe not, after my 9th surgery 3 weeks ago, I hope it is finally healing...again. Unfortunately, I can't go downstairs for another 6-9 weeks, so I will work on what I have had my kids bring upstairs for me to work with and lay a foundation that should make things easier for me to use when I can go back downstairs to my REAL SCRAP ROOM!

I started to get organized before my surgery, and I labeled a lot of my stuff, so that I could send the kids downstairs to easily find something for me, if I needed it. So I will be able to share some pictures with you of my attempt to clean sweep my scrapbook room...

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