Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another gift idea....

Here is a wonderful idea that I scraplifted from Jessica Spragues blog! I used a drink carrier from Burger King, and another one from a wine cooler holder (not shown).

I chose pop themes because the recipients love these particular soft drinks! The one shown on Jessica's blog was made with polka dotted paper and would go with any favorite beverage!

I measured the height and width of the base and then cut my paper accordingly. I attached it with glue sticks. Then I laid it on it's side and traced the shape of each of the sides, cut my paper and glued that down. I used ribbon and stickles and sticker letters to embellish this fun gift! I'm filling one side with a 2liter bottle and the other side with a movie and some microwave popcorn. You could fill both sides with drinks, or anything else you think the recipient will enjoy! Easy and adorable! Oh, on one side of the Mountain Dew one, I handcut each little mountain and colored it to look 3-D. On the other side I cut out the logo from a drinking cup that I got at Taco Bell. I also taped the bottom inside and the bottom outside for more stability! Easy peasy! Enjoy and thanks for visiting my website! Have a scrappy day!

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