Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time to Blog Hop!!!

I am so excited!!! Monday, April 19th I am participating in my very first Blog Hop! What is a blog hop? It is when a group of bloggers get together and each one chooses a theme or scheme to blog about. When you visit her blog, you will get new and exciting information and then a list of the rest of the blogs in the hop. You can take as little or as much time as you want hopping around from blog to blog on the list. By the time you finish the hop you will have plethora of new information!

My first blog hop is on organization of scrapbook supplies. My part is on organizing ribbons and fibers. I am really excited to see how the other gals creatively organize their materials. The blog hop on April 19th will include, paper storage, paint storage, ribbon and fiber storage, embellishment storage and many more. Please come back on Monday to check out how I organize my ribbons and fibers and then hop on through the list to find other creative ideas. If you stop by before Monday, please leave a comment so that I know you were here! I love to hear from you guys! Have you ever participated in a blog hop as a blogger OR as a reader? Come back soon for more ideas! Thanks for stopping by and have a scrappy day!


  1. HI Shellie,

    That hopping frog is just adorable!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the hop tomorrow!


  2. I organize my ribbon in mason jars and my fibers are in baggies and in a drawer. I eventually want the fibers in jars as well.
    Chris Poindexter

  3. The frog is so adorable!!
    I think I like frogs more than owls now!
    This hop is going to be a blast!

  4. if you can link up the other blogs that would help! Thanks so much for sharing!