Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Scrapbook Retreat in Fort Flagler

Last October I went on a 4-day excursion to Fort Flagler, up past Edmonds, WA. It's called Eat, Nap, Scrap and is hosted by Lori Drouin and her mom Gayle (who looks just like my mom). She hosts two retreats a year, one in October and one in the Spring (March 2012). This last retreat had the theme Breast Cancer Awareness. We all got to decorate a shower curtain for a contest and then they had a dress up night with the same theme. There were some really cute shower curtains, but mine WON!! I was sooo excited.

It seems that I never win anything and this is the 2nd time I've won a contest this year! The first contest was at the Quick Quotes Private Reserve at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mounds, WA. Quick Quotes had a bra decorating contest for breast cancer awareness and I made some "C" turtles out of a little bra.

It can be a PAIN to pack up all of your stuff and travel Far, Far, Away to a retreat, but the fun and fellowship and the time to just concentrate in you and your hobby is priceless. Over the years I have made many close friends at these retreats and I look forward to seeing them, as much as I am excited to learn new techniques and scrap and make cards! Look around, and see what there is close to you. If you can't find anything, please contact me, and I will give you the information to sign up for one of the retreats I go to. I would love to see some of you again, and meet some of you in person for the first time! Please leave a comment and let me know where you have gone to scrap in the past and if it is worth it to go again.
Thanks for stopping by and please come back. Hope to see you again real soon! Have a great day! Shellie

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