Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Altered Clock

I love to change my decorations with each season or holiday. I enjoy altering clocks to go along with my decor. A friend of mine asked me to make her a Rooster Clock. I had plenty of clocks, but I was stumped as to what to do for the Rooster. My parents recently sold the house I grew up in (sniff-sniff) to my dismay. They bought a new house that they absolutely love. I'm happy for them (sigh). The kitchen had a rooster decor when they bought the house. We went over there on Halloween, and I took some pictures of their wallpaper and framed pictures. I came home and printed them out on my printer, but they color was way off and the pics didn't look right. I consider myself an artist, and took about an hour to color and detail one of the photos. It turned out pretty good! I wanted to copy my new "art," but my printer was out of ink! The colors must have been low, that's why the pictures were so off in the coloring. I carefully cut out the rooster and the grass he stood in, and mounted him on top of a checkered tablecloth paper I had. I really liked how it turned out. When I get some time, I will remake the other poor copies of the rooster that I made. Enjoy!