Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pinkalicious Plaques

Another friend of mine, has two little girls. One of them loves pink as much as I do. I offered to make her a name plaque to put in her room. I called it Pinkalicous! Her other daughter wanted a clock with puppies on it. I started decorating the pink plaque, and then realized that I put the wrong name on it! It was too cute and I couldn't bear thinking of taking it apart, so I left it and made another one with the right name on it. I made the puppy clock a little later. The papers I used in both projects were from DCWV. The pink one was from a kitchen collection and the puppy one was from the dog collection. I used stickles to add some extra bling to each project. I absolutely love stickles. I've made a special box to hold all of my stickles and on the inside of the lid I have a sample of each color of stickle I have. Now I need to make an inventory sheet, so I know which ones I need to buy! I seem to use pink, black diamond and icicle the most. I also love Sakura glaze pens! They give the illusion of embossing, without the effort! I usually use the black and clear glaze pens the most. What is your favorite embellishment?

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