Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Faces

I absolutely love to draw. I was blessed with a gift (I guess). If I can see it in my minds' eye, then I can make/draw/create it. Many people think that they absolutely CAN NOT DRAW! I'm here to tell you that is not true! You can make anything, using simple shapes, a pencil and an eraser. Today I will walk you through drawing a cute face. It is really pretty easy, so give it a try!

1) Draw 3 frowny smiles on your face - 2 beside each other and one a little below and between the 2 frowns you just drew.

2) Draw 2 more frowns...left to right and above the first 2 frowns you made (that are beside each other)(eyes) Then draw a sideways V coming out of the outside corner of each eye

3) Draw a V underneath the lower frown, connecting the left and right side of the frown(nose)

4) Draw a W underneath the nose, connecting it with the point of the V you just drew(mouth)

5) Draw a rectangle underneath the W, connecting the spots to the left and right of the middle
section of the mouth (teeth)

6) Draw an odd number of dots to the left and right of the nose (whiskers)

7) Color in the nose and draw a circle inside each eye and color those too

8) Take a white uniball gel pen, or some white paint and place one dot in each eye and a tiny line across the nose, to create dimension

9) Draw 2 more frowns above each eye for eyebrows

Wallah! A cute face! Follow the pictures for an easy tutorial. If this is difficult to understand, please let me know. I can just "do" stuff, but I have a hard time explaining how to do it, so I'm working on that skill now, with your help. Thanks for looking! Tell your friends about my blog and come back soon!

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