Friday, March 19, 2010

Reuse/Recycle a clip it up system

I have wanted to try the clip it up system, but can't afford it. I found some of the clips at Craft Warehouse and bought them on clearance, but they don't sell them anymore. I took some ribbon, and strung it underneath one of my shelves in my scrapbook room. Then I hung up some embellishmnents on it using the clips I bought. Of course, stuff was too heavy to put on the ribbon, and I ran out of clips. I bought colored clothespins at the Dollar Tree and planned on separating my items by metal, blue rhinestones, green rub ons...and so on. Until.....

We were coming home from Spokane last weekend and stopped in Quincy to meet my friend Chris. She had the cutest house and the most wonderful family! She shared her scraproom with me that was in her garage. It was awesome and very organized (not like my space with stuff all over the floor), On one of her walls she had made her own version of the clip it up system, out of a wooden shelf, a length of all thread, washers and paperclips and closthespins! It was awesome! The picture above, is of her system. I was so excited that I came home and found 2 shelves at the Goodwill for $2.99 each! DH has the all thread, nuts and washers that he will bring home. Then he can drill holes in the end of each side of the shelves to hold the all thread. DH told me tonight that he carries all thread that will come out of the wall and can be as long as 6 feet! So I could put up a LOT of stuff (if I can find a place to put that). So, I will go to the dollar tree an stock up on colored paperclips to separate my categories and then put my system together! I'll post new pics later, once we are done!

To make your own system here is what you need to do....

Materials: shelf,acrylic paint (if desired), drill, pliers, mini clothespins, paperclips, 2 nuts, length of all thread (a round metal cylinder with threading along the entire length of it)

1. Paint your shelf to match your scrapbook room decor (or leave it the color it is)
2. Drill a hole in each end of the shelf, about 2 inches below the shelf itself
3. Open up all of the paperclips you will use, so that they are shaped like an S
4. Place one end of the paperclip through the eye of the washer and then twist the end back around, securing it to the paperclip. You should have a washer secured by the paperclip, with the lower portion of the paperclip still open.
5. Take the open end of the paperclip and hook it underneath the wire spring of the clothespin. Use your pliers to twist the open end around to secure it back to the other end of the paperclip.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have as many clip it ups as you want
7. Put one end of the all thread through one of the holes you drilled earlier and secure it in place with a nut
8. Slip the washers over the all thread, until all of them have been put on (or you run out of room).
9. Put the other end of the all thread though the other drilled hole and secure that with another nut.
10. Hang up your shelf and then hang your embellishments on each paperclip. Enjoy!

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