Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stickle Storage

As soon as I used stickles the first time, I knew they were fabulous! I loved the way it sparkled, and added another dimension to my projects. I started to colect them, and I used them on almost every project. I put them in a little box for awhile, but soon I had too many for the box. One afternoon I was surfing ebay for stickles and I found this really cool stickle storage holder that someone had made. It was shaped kinda like an octogon, and there were holes drilled into the top of it to hold the stickles. The stickles were to be stored upside down, so that they would always be ready to use. I loved it, bid on it and WON! The seller even asked me what colors I wanted and she painted it pink with blue polka dots. It was wonderful! I put this organizer on top of my Close To My Heart ink and marker turnaround so that I could grab the color I wanted to use easily. It worked great, and I was in a group that did buy-ins and on one of the buy ins they did stickles and I got a whole bunch more, including the new ones from Tim Holtz and Suze Weinberg! I couldn't fit all of them into my stickle holder, and tried to think of another way to store them, upside down, to keep them easily ready to use.

I found a cardboard box with a hinged lid, and I started to put the bottles of stickles into it. Each bottle is about an inch wide, and I was able to fit 18 bottles in each row. I didn't have enough to fill the entire box, so I added some crumpled paper towels to help hold them into place, and then taped up a piece of styrofoam and put it over the top of the bottles (at this point they were sitting upright in the box) and closed the lid. I turned the entire box upside down so that the stickles could drain towards the lid of each bottle. I opened it back up after a while and checked on them, a few of them had moved, but for the most part it worked really well and I could easily store over 70+ bottles in this one box.

I decorated the outside of the box with some colored paper and then I covered the paper with clear tape to reinforce the box and keep it strong.


  1. the pictures are too small. i wanna see, i whine.

  2. Neat idea - I too would love some bigger pictures! I have my stickles in a cabinet made for re-inkers. Since I don't have as many re-inkers as ink pads, this works really well for me.

  3. I will try to make the pics bigger. Using a cabinet for reinkers is a great idea! Stickles are the same size as reinkers! Guess what? Close To My Heart is coming out with their own version of stickles in the new Summer 2010 catalog! I am so excited!!

    Thanks for the comments! I love comments!