Wednesday, July 07, 2010

B is for Beautiful Batik & Embossed Resist Techniques

I have used the batik technique before, with mulberry paper. This time I used cardstock and was very impressed with the result. It resembles a watercolor, but with clear, sharp images of your favorite stamps embedded amongst the colors for a very dramatic and beautiful effect. Please try this technique on your own and share your own creations and comments with me! I love comments!

Beautiful Batik Technique

Misting Water Bottle
Plain paper (to cover your project) - copy paper works well
Ink Pads
Sponges (one per color of ink)
Versamark ink pad
Embossing buddy
Heat gun
Clear Embossing Powder

The first part of creating the Batik look, is to create an embossed resist

To Create an Embossed Resist you need to...
1.) Cover your paper with the embossing buddy
2.) Stamp your image(s) into the versamark ink and then onto your paper
3.) Sprinkle clear embossing powder over your inked images
4.) Use the heat gun to set the clear embossed image(s)
5.) Use your sponge(s) to add color over your paper (the clear embossed images will resist the ink leaving the embossed areas the color of your paper)

That is how to create a resisted image onto your paper. This looks amazing itself! To create the Batik Looking project you need to take the emboss resisted paper and then continue with the following steps....

Batik Technique: Follow the steps 1-5 as described above
6.) Using your mini mister, spray water all over your paper (this will make the colors bleed a little into each other)
7.) Cover your misted paper with another piece of paper (copy paper or another thin paper works best)
8.) Iron over your paper. You will begin to see the embossed image appear onto the cover paper. You are finished ironing when you can easily pull the cover paper off of your design. If the paper does not come off easily, iron a little more. The iron melts the embossed area, leaving the design completely flat and dull.
9.) Embellish your paper and enjoy!

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